The Book, The Story of Printing & Bookmaking


By Douglas C. McMurtrie
708 pages
Published by Oxford University Press
3rd Ed, 1943
Tenth Printing, 1972
9.6 × 7 inches
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0195000110
ISBN-13: 978-0195000115
3.6 pounds

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Tenth printing of this revised and completely reset edition. Contains hundreds of illustrations. Has a chapter devoted to bookbinding. One of the best one volume summaries of the history of the book. The first edition of this book was called “The Golden Book.”

v. Preface
xxv. Introduction

1. Primitive Human Records
20. The Origin of the Alphabet
40. The Alphabet in Western Europe
61. Paper and Its Origins
76. Handwritten Books
84. Printing in the Far East
101. The Block Books
123. The Stage Setting for Typography
136. Johann Gutenberg’s Invention
165. The Case of Rival Claimants
182. The Dissemination of Printing
197. The Master Printers of Venice
216. The First Printing in English
229. The Production of the Incunabula
239. Woodcut Book Illustration
264. Engraved Book Illustration
269. Early Book Decoration
278. Some Special Problems
289. Printer’s Marks
304. The Study of Incunabula
327. Typography’s Golden Age
348. Italian Book Illustration
360. The Indomitable Plantin
369. The Vogue of Engraving
373. Baskerville and His Disciples
390. The Press in the New World
401. Printing on Massachusetts Bay
413. Typographer, Philosopher, Statesman
426. Printer and Historian
435. The Spread of Printing in America
451. The Revival of Craftsmanship
462. The Private Presses
484. Contemporary Fine Printing
500. Modern Typography
509. Modern Book Illustration
524. Processes of Bookmaking
534. The Art of Bookbinding
549. The Printing of Illustrations
557. The Title Page
571. Concerning Type Design
584. The Printer’s Ideals

603. Bibliographies
647. Index

ISBN/ASIN: 978-0195000115
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