The Typographic Desk Reference

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An encyclopedia of typography, used at most universities that teach graphic design
The Typographic Desk Reference, book and pages

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Project Team
Bob Fleck
Rob Fleck
Darci Forister
James McKinstry
Mark Parker Miller
Theo Rosendorf
Ashley Stump
Laura Williams
Matthew Young
Mike Yost

A reference guide of typographic terms and classification with definitions of form and usage for Latin-based writing systems, the Typographic Desk Reference (TDR) is an encyclopedia listing countless entries on the typographic arts. Though Glyphic’s founder Theo Rosendorf authored the book, Glyphic positioned and marketed the Typographic Desk Reference to great success, prompting a second printing very soon after the first.

Of course one wouldn’t expect a book on typography to be a best seller, but its success really did come down to our marketing efforts during the early days of social media.

The TDR continues to be well received in the type and design industries, and is used in most universities that teach graphic design.

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